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JAE Automation is a total systems integrator, capable of pulling all areas of your plant together to form a cohesive and comprehensive automated plant system. We also have experience and expertise in a number of different specific areas where we can assist you on projects of a smaller and more focused scale.

Plant Automation is a journey which starts in many different places. It’s most important that you know where you want to end up and that you make sure you get there. JAE Automation consultants will work with you to help you define your needs, and then work with you to develop a roadmap to achieve them.

JAE can provide Manufacturing Automation expertise to your organization in the following areas:

  • Controls
  • Mechanical
  • Information Technology Services
  • Support

    There is never a good time for a machine or a part to fail. If and when this happens you can count on JAE Automation to help guide you through the process or getting that part and or machine back up and running again. We can also look at methods to improve our response by using remote access tools for troubleshooting over the internet. Talk to us about how we can help support your systems.

Bringing it all together

Every client has different needs. Every client requires different solutions. What you need is one provider who is experienced, skilled in a number of areas, and can provide all of the pieces needed for your unique solution. JAE is that provider. CONTACT US now to get started.