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Have you ever had issues with cases not having the packing tape affixed properly either on the top or bottom? We have encountered situations where tape has been missing, and has caused production not only to go down but in some instances has damaged equipment when product falls out of the case.

For situations such as these JAE Automation has developed a solution that can be implemented into your existing conveying system. Let us know if you are interested and we can discuss your application.

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Installed at our customer’s site is a Cognex camera and light on our custom stand. The panel is mounted lower on the other side. This had to fit over the end of the conveyor for the camera to see the ink printed on the end of the carton – after a 90=degree transfer.

We designed the brackets to hold either the camera or the light, and an air hose with nozzle for cleaning dust from the lens and light. We also designed the vertical and horizontal supports for the camera and light brackets to have full adjustability.

This is for a client that needed to inspect cartons at a maximum of 250 per minute. We built two of them, as there were two similar lines. We were also responsible for the reject of the cartons which was slightly down stream.