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Authorized Integrator - Fanuc Robotics

JAE Automation has recently become partners with Fanuc Robotics as an “Authorized Integrator” for their line-up of robots. Fanuc Robotics is a world leader in the robot industry and we at JAE are quite excited to be partnering with this organization to serve our clients in Eastern Ontario. The partnership with Fanuc Robotics also includes the Lincoln Electric team whereby we will be able to support welding applications. In the past welding applications were thought of as mass production but today small runs can utilize new technology to decrease the time from conception to build. The robot applications that we are capable of handling include palletizing, material handling, assemblies and welding. With our newer facility we are capable of setting up and testing these robot applications along with the associated up and downstream equipment; so if you have an application you would like assistance with or would be interested in a demonstration please contact us.