Making things: productively

Improved productivity is one of the most common reasons why manufacturers invest in automation technology. However, small and medium manufacturers have been the least likely to take advantage of the potential benefits of automation technology.


Oftentimes it is difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, small, targeted productivity improvements can have a big impact on your business, allowing you to achieve the benefits of automation over time.

Delivering automation technology through a design-centric approach

Improve efficiency, increase productivity and throughput, and achieve better business results with the right automation technology.


JAE Automation takes a design-centric approach to automation technology. By understanding how your entire production facility operates, JAE Automation identifies opportunities for automation that will have the biggest impact on your business and generate the best return.

Accessible automation technology for companies of all sizes

Technology isn’t just for largemanufacturers. With experienced, systems-agnostic, and local expertise, JAE Automation implements new technologies into your existing systems and equipment, designs custom, purpose-built automation solutions that enhance your capabilities, and positions your business for future growth and innovation.

Our capabilities:

  • Automation Design
  • Automation Consulting
  • Custom Builds and Installation
  • Data and Analytics
  • Manufacturing Controls
  • Manufacturing Safety Systems
  • Robot Integration
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Vision Systems
  • And more

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Case Studies

Taking a Design-First Approach to Automation Technology

The Scenario   A local manufacturer intended to complete the setup and installation of a high-speed printing machine as well as design and implement a packaging solution. They believed that the printing machine was ready to be deployed in their facility, and they were...

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