Making things: locally

Automation isn’t about cutting jobs.
It’s about making things better.

Across segments, manufacturers are facing a shortage of skilled labour. While it is true that automation technology is replacing some jobs, overall headcount is expected to grow over the next decade.


The right technology helps small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) attract, hire, and retain skilled workers who are looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and do meaningful work.

Empower your team with technology

Retain workers, shift skilled team members to more value-added roles, and keep employees engaged, motivated, and safe with automation technology.


JAE Automation is an end-to-end automation design company based in Eastern Ontario. As a small company, we view manufacturing as a driver of the local economy that provides quality jobs to members of the community.


Whether it’s enhancing productivity through wearables and connected devices, improving worker safety with mechanical safety systems, or giving people access to the data and information needed to make stronger decisions, technology empowers your team to do their jobs better.

Innovating with local labour

Labour is more than overhead. Your team is your competitive advantage. By hiring well, investing in your people, and providing them with the technology they need to work effectively, SMMs can create an environment that fosters innovation, embraces new approaches, and delivers value to both customers and team members.

Our capabilities:

  • Automation Design
  • Automation Consulting
  • Custom Builds and Installation
  • Data and Analytics
  • Manufacturing Controls
  • Manufacturing Safety Systems
  • Robot Integration
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Vision Systems
  • And more

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Case Studies

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