JAE Automation is a total systems integrator, capable of pulling all areas of your plant together to form a cohesive and comprehensive automated plant system. We do this by building a data model for your operation, creating a database to support it and then by creating an Enterprise System on top of the database.

We manage all areas of data collection for you, automating your plant accordingly, and then tying it together electronically with controls systems, robotics, visioning systems – whatever makes the most sense and provides value and efficiency beneficial to your operation.

Most recently JAE has applied its considerable experience to automating a large commercial cheese maker and to automating and improving the operations of a hardwood and laminate flooring manufacturer.

In both cases, JAE representatives met with key plant personnel to define the project first, and then moved on to assessing the readiness of the controls network and the local area computer network for supporting the initiative.

The projects are ongoing and represent a substantial mutual commitment of time and effort. It’s all well worth it. The result is a plant-wide system which provides key production information in real time, to the people who need it, automatically and with accuracy, 24 X 7.

JAE would be pleased to discuss how we can leverage our experience for you.