Stage 1 - Planning & Definition

All projects start here. This is where we start gathering project information and working towards developing basic concepts for your project in a draft design document.

Stage 2 – Design

This is where we develop a functional concept for your project, and finalizing your design document. From here, we move towards completing detailed design.

Stage 3 - Build

This is where the different elements of your project are brought together. At this point, equipment may be procured as needed, and assembled at our facility. The finished project is assembled and ready for shipment.

Stage 4 – Deploy

This is where we deliver and install the finished project at the customer’s site.

Stage 5 – Close out

After the client’s project is up and running, we check in and ensure everything’s working smoothly. Project documentation and sign-offs happen at this stage, to meet our rigorous quality assurance standards. This final follow up is critical to good project management and contributes to the ongoing success of our clients’ projects.