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Have you ever had issues with cases not having the packing tape affixed properly either on the top or bottom? We have encountered situations where tape has been missing, and has caused production not only to go down but in some instances has damaged equipment when product falls out of the case.

For situations such as these JAE Automation has developed a solution that can be implemented into your existing conveying system. Let us know if you are interested and we can discuss your application.

JAE Automation is continually investing into our design model of how to increase our customer’s efficiency and at the same time reduce the cost of implementing automation solutions. We have discovered that using distributed automation solutions, such as Ethernet I/P or AS-Interface we have been able to reduce the overall cost of the solution and at the same time increase our customer’s efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. With our design model we have also discovered that our flexibility for changes during the design phase as well as the installation of our projects has been much easier to adapt to thereby reducing time and materials for these changes.

If your manufacturing environment is in need of upgrading or you are looking for ways to increase efficiency, throughput and or reduce maintenance costs please contact us and we will be glad to meet and discuss this with you.

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JAE Automation has recently designed a complete Robotic Palletizing and case conveying system for one of our local clients. The system receives cased material from four packaging lines, then palletizes the cases onto four individual pallets and then stretch wraps each pallet. The system has been designed using the latest Fanuc Palletizing robot M-410iC/185 to take advantage of the latest features such as increased palletizing speed. We also used Ethernet/IP technology along with AS-i to make the system very flexible when designing the operation and safety, along with reducing our installation time and cost, thereby providing a very competitive and cost effective solution for our client.

If you have any questions about packing, conveying or palletizing please contact us to review how our team can work with you to develop a system that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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